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new COMPLYFirst Element-V for Windows 10

  • HTML 5.2, WCAG 2.1, ARIA 1.1
  • Automated & Manual testing
  • Unlimited website page scanning
  • Export results to JSON, Excel and custom formats
  • Store sessions locally - not a server or 'Cloud'
  • No extra hardware needed for unlimited scanning
  • Instructional Ruleset with numerous examples
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COMPLYFirst Element-V testing power has no equal!

  • First to integrate Color Contrast Analyser since 2004
  • First to combine automated and manual testing since 2006
  • First to implement automated DOM testing since 2006
  • First to adopt WCAG 2.0 since 2006 - before WCAG 2.0 became a W3C recommendation
  • Comprehensive and complete - not broken up into four or more tools

- Easily the most effective Section 508/Accessibilty web testing tool!

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The Tester's Tool

  • Easy to use; Record failures in-place
  • Automatically generate reports
  • Numerous manual testing components
  • Color contrast analyzer with foreground opacity
  • Audit/share any test session
  • Create multiple sessions on the same URL

Odellus TRAC Testing, Remediation; Accessibility Compliance

Odellus has over 20 years' experience testing applications for accessibility compliance.

We have over 40 full-time associates dedicated to testing your applications and documents.

  • Dedicated 40+ testing personnel
  • Over 20+ years' experience testing Websites
  • Test and Remediate Office documents (MS Word, Excel, PDF, etc.)
  • Intuitive Testing and Remediation Jobs Management Portal
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Experience is Key - let's put our experience to work for you

20+ Years Accessibility Testing Experience
Over 40 Dedicated Testing Personel
Tested 600,000+ Documents and Websites
900+ Jobs Completed Since January 2019