Edition Features Overview

Odellus' COMPLYFirst suite of applications is the most complete Section 508 testing platform since 2002. It is built on the foundations of COMPLYFirst 2000 verification technology and was added new set of features to bring more power and ease to accessibility testing.

New features such as, the new auto verification tools, manual testing, test document tracking, and collaborative tester tracking, help reduce costs and provide a robust testing platform for dynamic and enterprise-managed test centers.

COMPLYFirst Professional 2012

COMPLYFirst Professional combines the vastly improved automatic verification tool with over 50 different manual testing features to test all aspects of Section 508 1194.22 and WCAG 2.0 with the least amount of effort.

COMPLYFirst Standard 2012

COMPLYFirst Standard is a powerful and cost effective edition that incorporates the full functionality of the automatic verification tool and other visual testing features.

COMPLYFirst Enterprise Monitor 2012

COMPLYFirst Enterprise Monitor is the most robust enterprise multi-domain section 508 1194.22 automatic verification server. It is designed to increase the reliability and flexibility of your enterprise - wide Section 508 1194.22 and WCAG 2.0 verification testing while helping save time and reduce costs.