COMPLYFirst Professional 2012

This is the tool all that web accessibility testers have been asking for but never got... until now.

COMPLYFirst Professional 2012 combines the vastly improved automatic verification tool with over 50 different manual testing features to test all aspects of Section 508 Standard 1194.22 and WCAG 2.0 with the least amount of effort.

Areas that in the past challenged testers are now very easy and require minimal effort. COMPLYFirst Professional 2012 allows you to manage the most demanding testing environments by simplifying all aspects of Section 508 Standard 1194.22 and WCAG 2.0 testing process. The automated verification tool in COMPLYFirst Professional 2012 runs automated verification of web sites/applications. The results of the automated scans can be transferred to the manual testing tool within COMPLYFirst Professional to enable further manual verification of the web pages.

Some of the benefits of using COMPLYFirst Professional 2012 for accessibility testing include:

  • Streamlined approach and efficiency:
    COMPLYFirst Professional 2012 combines automated verification with complete manual testing. This streamlined approach not only reduces the time and effort needed for accessibility testing, but also provides for more complete and accurate testing.
  • Easy to use, intuitive and educative:
    COMPLYFirst Professional 2012's user interface is very user friendly and intuitive. It accommodates varying 508/accessibility competency skill levels and provides increasing value as testers skill set increases. The incorporated default testing procedure feature, provides a comprehensive summary training of accessibility testing.
  • Reports are clear and concise:
    COMPLYFirst Professional 2012 verification reports are clear and concise. For each failing element, remediation suggestions and code samples are provided. The compliance reports are HTML based, accessible and portable.
  • Tester and testing activities tracking:
    Testing activities reports allow a project manager to analyze and control the amount of time or resource allocated for a testing cycle. These reports allow the PM to analyze how a testing of an application was conducted and when the tests were conducted.
  • Regression, incremental or re-entrant testing:
    COMPLYFirst Professional 2012 enables regression testing by encapsulating a web pages code and making it available on demand to facilitate regression, incremental and re-entrant testing as well as providing a base for comparing different versions of an application.
  • Test activities and results repository:
    COMPLYFirst Professional 2012 implements a repository for each tested page (Test Document) that provides a tamper resistant repository of test activities, application and reporting components. This is invaluable in an environment that utilizes independent verification and validation (IV&V) in an application's systems development life cycle (SDLC).
  • Robust and Comprehensive:
    With the combination of the automated verification platform and the manual verification platform, COMPLYFirst Professional 2012 makes for comprehensive testing against all Section 508 1194.22 and WCAG 2.0 requirements using both platforms.

Summary of Features

  • Centrally configure testing settings within the enterprise
  • Automatically crawl and verify all pages of a domain
  • Collaboratively test any web page
  • Incrementally test any web page
  • Test documents are individualized and can be incorporated into any active work-flow
  • Compliance errors are marked by the tester on produced reports
  • Every activity during testing is time stamped
  • Standard summary, detailed and optional custom reports produced on demand from any opened test document
  • Incorporated Custom Testing procedure(Test Scripts) unique to a corporate body or a government agency's interpretation of or guidelines for Section 508 Standard 1194.22
  • An integrated always available View that incorporates the Section 508 1194.22
  • An integrated always available View that incorporates the current full HTML source code
  • Two clicks violation recording or removal in test documents
  • Test document editing is re-entrant and can be incrementally tested by multiple testers concurrently
  • The test properties of any project item, HTML element or even a compliance violation is always available.
  • COMPLYFirst Professional is IPv6 compliant. COMPLYFirst Professional is coded to call the OS platform IPv6 communication services.

Systems Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7 (64-bit /32-bit), Window 10 (64-bit /32-bit)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • 32 MB RAM Recommended
  • 10 MB HDD Space Required for all editions' install