When you need experienced, reliable resources, trust Odellus to provide the kind of highly skilled, educated, and trained professionals that will ensure success. We help our clients identify talented, highly experienced accessibility professionals who are an ideal match for the job and your organizations culture. We take the time to know your business, to fully understand your culture and what makes an ideal fit for you and your team. We provide well qualified Project managers, analysts, developers, testers, and web and/or software accessibility experts.

With our background and experience in the accessibility field, we build upon our recruiting competencies and domain expertise to bring cost effective, client-centric solutions to our diverse client base. We just don't find resumes; we recruit and train the best candidates. When necessary, we develop and build needed skills through continued education and training. We deliver measurable value by delivering technical resources with the right skill sets to support your projects.

Our staffing service also provides highly trained professionals to create project-specific teams through contract placement while allowing your organization to maintain control. According to one of our clients, the people we provided are "the best we have seen in a long time".

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