Section 508 Program Office Support

Odellus Corporation is dedicated to helping organizations and government agencies, make their technology equally accessible to all people. Odellus offers professional consulting and technology solutions to ensure that clients reach all audiences effectively and efficiently. We provide dependable, highly qualified resources for successful Program Office Support.

We have a proven track record of delivering Section 508 program office support.Our solutions include independently applying subject matter expertise to various program/project initiatives to achieve our clients desired outcomes. We provide expert level support to develop or revise and maintain the agency's Section 508 policies and procedures.

We create procedures documents to support the implementation of Section 508 in the Software Development Life Cycle. We develop procedures and checklists for implementing Section 508 in procurement and acquisitions. Some of our solutions include: Accessibility Test Plan and Test Script Templates; Accessibility Determinations and Findings Form; Market research template, vendor check lists; Requiring officials certification templates; Remediation Plan templates; Accommodation Plans documents; Risk and Impact Analysis documents; Applicable Provisions templates; etc.

"You've changed our views and brought us to deeper level of understanding of the Section 508 requirements" - Agency Section 508 Program Manager.

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