At Odellus Corporation, we pride ourselves in the exceptional solutions we provide. Our time honored traditions of innovation and excellence in service are very clear to our customers.

Our passion to do things right is the anchor that grounds us as we continue to set the standards and raise the bar with our innovative approach to solutions in the Section 508 and accessibility arena. Our products and solutions continue to provide our customers with the highest return on their investments.

With our award winning software, COMPLYFirst, we are the first and only solution that have enabled customers to automate, and simultaneously manually test for accessibility issues that may be on their web sites and web applications.

Our training classes have re-defined the approach to training and how to impact knowledge to key players whose desire is to comply with Section 508 law and provide access to all. We train project managers, quality assurance managers, testers and developers to correctly understand and interpret the accessibility requirements of Section 508 and WCAG. We train and coach Contract Officers to properly implement the FAR requirements for complying with Section 508.

Today, Odellus makes it easier than ever to comply with the Section 508 and accessibility requirements to deliver accessible products.

Join us as we continue the pursuit of perfect excellence.