Resume Privacy Policy

Odellus Corporation Resume Privacy Policy

In submitting your resume to Odellus, you agree to the following terms:

Your resume will be added to Odellus resume database, located in the United States.

This resume database can be accessed by all Odellus corporate departments.
Odellus searches this database to help them identify suitable candidates for Odellus job vacancies. Any Odellus corporate department may download a copy or copies of your resume and store and use such copy or information locally in connection with considering your suitability for a Odellus job opportunity.

Your resume will be used for the purpose of reviewing your skills, experience, and interests against Odellus corporate job openings. In addition, the information in the database will be used for reporting purposes as required by applicable law.

By submitted your information to Odellus, your data can be stored, accessed, and processed by Odellus corporate departments and may make such disclosure as it deems necessary under applicable law.

Odellus will protect information in its resume database in a similar way as Odellus protects its own confidential information, for example by restricted user access and password protection.

Information in the database will not be shared with third parties unless such third parties are acting on behalf of Odellus under contract, and bound by terms of confidentiality.

After one year, your information will normally be moved from the resume database to Odelluss archive records storage.
When in archive storage, your information will be considered as inactive, and will not normally be used by Odellus when searching for suitable candidates for job opportunities. When in archive storage, your information will be used only if deemed necessary by Odellus under applicable law. Odellus will normally delete such archived information three years after its submission.

Odellus Resume Privacy Policy Aug 16 2010.