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COMPLYFirst Element-V Overview

The best all-in-one web accessibility testing tool.

COMPLYFirst Element-V enables web accessibility testers and developers to quickly test their web applications for WCAG 2.1 compliance.

You can easily auto and/or manual test web pages and applications; Record defects; Create, save, share reports; Learn web accessibility requirements testing.
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Accessibility Tester Support & Effectiveness

COMPLYFirst Element-V enables, supports and teaches the tester, web accessibility compliance testing.

  • Automated and manual testing with over 50 enabling code examination tools
  • Color contrast analyzer with foreground opacity
  • Site crawl and test with comprehensive test results reports
  • Auto accessible name calculation with Voice Tester
  • Export results to multiple formats
  • Learn web accessibility testing requirements

Comprehensive, but Easy To Use

Easily test any web address for WCAG 2.1 compliance.

step 1

Enter URL

Enter a URL and load the page on the main browser.

step 2

Activate Test Mode

Put the the main browser in test mode.

step 3

Start Testing

Start auto testing, manual testing or both.