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Testing with COMPLYFirst Element-V

This is a one-day training class that provides the complete instruction on the use of COMPLYFirst Element-V to test Web applications for accessibility and Section 508 compliance.

This class teaches the students how to use COMPLYFirst Element-V to apply the W3C's WCAG 2.1 requirements for accessibility/Section 508 compliance verification of a web page as presented to the user through the browser’s DOM interface.

COMPLYFirst Element-V, is a comprehensive automated testing and manual verification & validation tool used to identify potential barriers to accessibility on web applications. It exposes the programmatic structures, properties, and values of rendered web pages’ component objects, invaluable to complete accessibility compliance testing.

This class is provided via the internet; therefore, some essential resources should be in-place before the start date. All setup instructions will be provided upon registration.