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Testing & Remediating Office Documents

This is a five-day course that teaches the student how to create accessible Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF documents using W3C’s WCAG 2.1. requirements. Also, the student will learn how to test and remediate these documents for Section 508/accessibility compliance.

This course covers: document format conversion techniques including when and how to make the conversions, table of contents and bookmarks, data tables, lists and multi-level nested list, headings, images, PDF conversion “phantom” content, watermarks, artifacts, end notes and footnotes, hyperlinks etc;

Illustrating examples are provided throughout with several exercises. Students are encouraged to participate in the in-class exercises to reinforce the retention of the covered techniques.

Students will gain the requisite knowledge necessary to meet the accessibility compliance challenge of Office documents including PDF documents.

Methods of testing and remediating documents such as PDF tagging, touchup reading order (TURO) panel, content editing, forms remediation techniques, etc. will be covered.

At the completion of this class, the student is expected to score exceedingly high on the Odellus Web Accessibility Subject Matter Expert Certification exam. This exam is mandatory if the student is an Odellus job placement candidate.

This class is a requirement for the Odellus Section 508 Subject Matter Expert Certification and prepares the student for that certification exam.

This class is provided via the internet; therefore, some essential resources should be in-place before the start date. All setup instructions will be provided upon registration.