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Web Application Design & Testing I & II

This is a ten-day instructor led course that is provided in a virtual classroom. The course teaches web accessibility development and testing utilizing industry best practices, methodologies and requirements of the W3C's WCAG 2.1 Success Criteria. The class is divided into two (2) parts – Part I and Part II. The duration for each part is five (5) instruction days. Students who register only for Part II will join the class on day 6.

At the completion of this course, students will learn how to develop accessible web applications and test for accessibility and Section 508 compliance. All Level A and AA WCAG 2.1 Success Criteria will be covered. These will include the correct implementations of images, hyperlinks, tables, frames, forms, color contrast, keyboard and page navigation, multimedia, timed events and flashing, content structure, CSS content and positioning, changing content etc., as rendered from the browsers Document Object Model (DOM) interface.

The core objective of this course is not just to understand the basic requirements of web accessibility and web page design implementation but to gain an acute understanding of how the accessibility requirements combine and impact the final web application. For example, the student should have a clear understanding of when to use aria-labelledby, aria-label, native HTML label element in a form control or what the final AT rendering is when all or any of these are defined. Or what aria-labelledby really means “to” assistive technology.

The testing methodology that uses assistive technologies such as screen readers, screen magnifiers, braille, voice command software will be covered but not required for the in-class testing exercises. All testing will use testing tools, such as COMPLYFirst Element-V, that expose the programmatic structures, properties, and values essential to making a good assessment of a component's compliance level as presented to assistive technologies.

Materials covered will include illustrating examples, exercises and quizzes. Students are encouraged to participate in the in-class exercises and complete the take-home projects. At the completion of this class, the student is expected to score exceedingly high on the Odellus Web Accessibility Subject Matter Expert Certification exam. This exam is mandatory if the student is an Odellus job placement candidate.

This course is a requirement for the Odellus Web Accessibility Subject Matter Expert Certification, and it prepares you for the requisite exam.

This class is provided via the internet; therefore, some essential resources should be in-place before the start date. All setup instructions will be provided upon registration.