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Indispensable Features

Live DOM Auto Tests

Automated tests are easy. Just enter a URL and select 'Auto Test'. Auto tests are performed on the rendered DOM interface including multi-page crawling tests.

Live DOM Manual Tests

Manual tests are performed on the live DOM. Just select DOM element and record/edit a defect. Use manual testing tools to expose accessibility properties.

Results Page Verifications

Results page of form submissions can be tested. Page DOM mutations can be isolated and tested. Page DOM mutations are auto detected.

True Desktop Application

It is a Windows desktop application.
It is not a 'Toolbar' or 'Browser Addon'.
It works just like any Windows desktop application.

Local Data Repository

Store sessions (Test Subjects) locally.
Enables re-entrant / regression testing.
Enables multi-forked same (or different point of a) page testing

Shareable Re-entrant Sessions

Multiple sessions can be created for a page. Sessions can be halted, saved and re-entered, exported and/or imported.

Unlimited Site Crawling

Set a crawl level and crawl a website (URLs recursively). Pages within the set level are auto tested with with comprehensive aggregated reports.

Automatic Summary & Details Reports

Reports also contain: element source code, repair suggestions, Ruleset details and WCAG 2.1 references.

Instructional Ruleset with Examples

Rules are detailed with numerous examples. Select all or a set of Rules for tests. Configurations persist run sessions.

Save Results to Excel, JSON, Web Page

Save test results as JSON, MS Excel/CSV or web page. Contact Odellus for custom export formats.

Color Contrast Analyzer with Foreground Opacity

Any two colors on any thing can be selected and checked for WCAG 2.1 color contrast conformance.

Element Properties with Voice Tester

Accessibility impacting properties of elements are exposed and spoken automatically.

Record WCAG 2.1 Violations

Record, edit and/or remove any WCAG 2.1 violations to any page results anytime. Categorize violations using 'ICT Testing Baseline' or WCAG 2.1 Guidelines.